The Oscars – My Thoughts and Predictions

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Movies

With the 83rd Annua Academy Awards only a day away, I thought I would offer up my thoughts and predictions on this year’s nominees. There are only a couple of the movies that I have not seen to date, but the majority, especially the main films I have seen this year. Unlike years past, there are a number of excellent films as well as performances that I highly¬†recommend. I won’t cover all the awards and nominees, so I will be sticking with the main awards and/or my favorites. So let’s get down to it.

Best Picture

Out of this year’s batch of films nominated for Best Picture, my favorites were: 127 Hours, Black Swan, The King’s Speech, The Social Network, and True Grit.

Who I think will win: The Social Network (An excellent film and very deserving if it indeed wins)

Who I think should win: Black Swan (Probably one of the best films I’ve seen it quite some time)

Best Actor in a Leading Role

All of this year’s nominees are very deserving. It also showcases a wide range of actors from the young and up and coming Jesse Eisenberg and James Franco, to the older, distinguished and talented Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges.

Who I think will win: Colin Firth (Did an exceptional job in this film and a must see performance)

Who I think should win: Jeff Bridges (I thought Jeff Bridges did an amazing job in this role, but I think Firth will and maybe should win this award)

Best Actress in a Leading Role

There is quite a selection of women to choose from this year for this award and all very deserving. Each did an phenomenal job in their respective roles.

Who I think will win: Natalie Portman (She absolutely nailed this role, but could see it going to Annette Bening)

Who I think should win: Natalie Portman (Again, she did a fantastic job. She’s had a lot of publicity behind her and the judges will be swayed by this. Not that she doesn’t deserve it of course)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

This is an award that I feel had a weaker selection of actors to choose from. There were a few stand out performances though.

Who I think will win: Christian Bale (He always does an excellent jobs and I think he’s one of the best out there today. Won’t be surprised to see Geoffrey Rush win this one though)

Who I think should win: Christian Bale (Loved his performance in this film even though the film wasn’t all that great)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Unlike their male counterparts, this year’s nominees are all deserving of this award. I could honestly see any of them winning it.

Who I think will win: Melissa Leo (Like Bale, she did an amazing job in her role despite the film. Could easily see Helena Bonham Carter win it)

Who I think should win: Hailee Steinfeld (Wow! Steinfeld was superb in her role and she’s only 14 years old. I thought she and Bridges carried this film. A definite must see performance)

Best Achievement in Directing

An excellent crop of directors to choose for this award.

Who I think will win: David Fincher (The Social Network was one of the most talked about films and a lot of credit goes to Fincher for his directing in this film)

Who I think should win: Darren Aronofsky (Like I said earlier, Black Swan is one of the best films I’ve seen in a while. Aronofsky always does an amazing job directing in all his films and Black Swan is yet another example of his genius. Very deserving of this award and I think he has an excellent chance of winning)

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

All of the films in this category are very deserving.

Who I think will win: The King’s Speech (This is a very tough category and could easily see Inception or The Kids Are All Right winning this award)

Who I think should win: The King’s Speech (Just an excellent, excellent film)

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published

Yet again, another strong batch of very deserving films. All of them could very well win.

Who I think will win: The Social Network (Fantastic film and I believe too much momentum for any of the other nominees to stand a chance)

Who I think should win: The Social Network (Not much else to say other than it is an excellent film. The two nominees who stand an outside chance at this award are True Grit and 127 Hours)

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

Not much competition in this category with only three films nominated. Pixar’s Toy Story 3 is going to be the runaway winner of this award. But the film I’m really pulling for is The Illusionist. Just an awesome film.

Who I think will win: Toy Story 3 (Pixar continues its dominance in this category. Deserving, but who I think should win)

Who I think should win: The Illusionist (One of my favorite films of the year. Absolutely loved it. It’s not your typical animated film either with very little talking or dialogue, but the imagery and audio are what make this move remarkable)


There are many other awards that will be handed out, but those are the main and most popular categories. I think this year’s Oscars offer up a number of excellent films and some amazing performances by actors and actresses. I hope you check out some of these films and enjoy them as much as I have. I’d also love to hear your thoughts and predictions on these awards, films and performances.


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