With the 83rd Annua Academy Awards only a day away, I thought I would offer up my thoughts and predictions on this year’s nominees. There are only a couple of the movies that I have not seen to date, but the majority, especially the main films I have seen this year. Unlike years past, there are a number of excellent films as well as performances that I highly recommend. I won’t cover all the awards and nominees, so I will be sticking with the main awards and/or my favorites. So let’s get down to it.

Best Picture

Out of this year’s batch of films nominated for Best Picture, my favorites were: 127 Hours, Black Swan, The King’s Speech, The Social Network, and True Grit.

Who I think will win: The Social Network (An excellent film and very deserving if it indeed wins)

Who I think should win: Black Swan (Probably one of the best films I’ve seen it quite some time)

Best Actor in a Leading Role

All of this year’s nominees are very deserving. It also showcases a wide range of actors from the young and up and coming Jesse Eisenberg and James Franco, to the older, distinguished and talented Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges.

Who I think will win: Colin Firth (Did an exceptional job in this film and a must see performance)

Who I think should win: Jeff Bridges (I thought Jeff Bridges did an amazing job in this role, but I think Firth will and maybe should win this award)

Best Actress in a Leading Role

There is quite a selection of women to choose from this year for this award and all very deserving. Each did an phenomenal job in their respective roles.

Who I think will win: Natalie Portman (She absolutely nailed this role, but could see it going to Annette Bening)

Who I think should win: Natalie Portman (Again, she did a fantastic job. She’s had a lot of publicity behind her and the judges will be swayed by this. Not that she doesn’t deserve it of course)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

This is an award that I feel had a weaker selection of actors to choose from. There were a few stand out performances though.

Who I think will win: Christian Bale (He always does an excellent jobs and I think he’s one of the best out there today. Won’t be surprised to see Geoffrey Rush win this one though)

Who I think should win: Christian Bale (Loved his performance in this film even though the film wasn’t all that great)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Unlike their male counterparts, this year’s nominees are all deserving of this award. I could honestly see any of them winning it.

Who I think will win: Melissa Leo (Like Bale, she did an amazing job in her role despite the film. Could easily see Helena Bonham Carter win it)

Who I think should win: Hailee Steinfeld (Wow! Steinfeld was superb in her role and she’s only 14 years old. I thought she and Bridges carried this film. A definite must see performance)

Best Achievement in Directing

An excellent crop of directors to choose for this award.

Who I think will win: David Fincher (The Social Network was one of the most talked about films and a lot of credit goes to Fincher for his directing in this film)

Who I think should win: Darren Aronofsky (Like I said earlier, Black Swan is one of the best films I’ve seen in a while. Aronofsky always does an amazing job directing in all his films and Black Swan is yet another example of his genius. Very deserving of this award and I think he has an excellent chance of winning)

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

All of the films in this category are very deserving.

Who I think will win: The King’s Speech (This is a very tough category and could easily see Inception or The Kids Are All Right winning this award)

Who I think should win: The King’s Speech (Just an excellent, excellent film)

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published

Yet again, another strong batch of very deserving films. All of them could very well win.

Who I think will win: The Social Network (Fantastic film and I believe too much momentum for any of the other nominees to stand a chance)

Who I think should win: The Social Network (Not much else to say other than it is an excellent film. The two nominees who stand an outside chance at this award are True Grit and 127 Hours)

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

Not much competition in this category with only three films nominated. Pixar’s Toy Story 3 is going to be the runaway winner of this award. But the film I’m really pulling for is The Illusionist. Just an awesome film.

Who I think will win: Toy Story 3 (Pixar continues its dominance in this category. Deserving, but who I think should win)

Who I think should win: The Illusionist (One of my favorite films of the year. Absolutely loved it. It’s not your typical animated film either with very little talking or dialogue, but the imagery and audio are what make this move remarkable)


There are many other awards that will be handed out, but those are the main and most popular categories. I think this year’s Oscars offer up a number of excellent films and some amazing performances by actors and actresses. I hope you check out some of these films and enjoy them as much as I have. I’d also love to hear your thoughts and predictions on these awards, films and performances.


Super Bowl XLV – Halftime Show

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Music

Disclaimer: Don’t read this if you want to hear me vent.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear…that was not music. I feel sorry for those who were actually at the game and had to sit through that debacle. At least watching it on television I had the option of hitting the mute button or changing the channel. The only part of the show that you could qualify as music was Slash playing his guitar. That’s about it.

Speaking of Slash, how on God’s green earth did he agree to be a part of that mess? I know he’s not poor or homeless. Talk about a great way to ruin one’s reputation. I’ll forgive him though. But Slash being a part of that atrocity does not therefore qualify it as a good show. Furthermore, no one but Axl Rose, and maybe a few others, should be allowed to sing Sweet Child o’ Mine. Certainly not Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas.

Then we got to witness Usher dancing around on the stage after being lowered from the scoreboard. All he seemed to do was dance and belt out a few “Oh my God” or “Oh my gosh”. Was his microphone not on and we couldn’t hear him singing or was that it? Why?

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to the Black Eyed Peas and Usher. They have their places. Some of their songs are great for dancing in a club or getting pumped up. But not in that environment. I also understand that playing live is no easy task. So I’m not asking for performers to always be on key or play the right notes. Just make things musically pleasing.

Also, I’ve read and heard some individuals say that it was great seeing the halftime  show get back to being young and sexy. If that is what I’m going to be subjected to in the name of young and sexy, please bring back the old and decrepit sounds of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. I know for a fact that there are some great musical performers out there that would do an awesome job performing live. Shoot, I wouldn’t even mind some repeat performers such as U2, The Rolling Stones, The Who or Boyz II Men if it is absolutely necessary to go younger.

I’m all for being entertained with dancing, fireworks and other visual stimuli, but all I ask is that music be something at least decent to listen to. Not something that makes me want to jam paper clips into my ears and attempt to rupture my eardrums.

A True Friend

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Misc.

As we meander the streets of life we come across numerous people who impact our lives. Some of these interactions are fleeting and some last a lifetime. Some people impact our lives in a positive way, while others, unfortunately, impact our lives in a negative way. With the introduction of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., our definition of “friend” is becoming harder to define. What is a “true friend”? Let me take a moment to give you my brief definition.

A true friend is like family. They are a part of your life. From the moment you first become friends until the end, a true friend is always there. True friendship goes through its ups and downs, much like any other relationship. A true friendship becomes stronger because of the bad times and is reinvigorated by the good times. Too many “friendships” fall apart because of an argument or a hardship involving one individual or both parties. True friendship lasts.

Through the good times in your life a true friend is one of your biggest fans, a cheerleader on the sidelines of your life. They are overjoyed at each of your successes and wish nothing but the absolute best for you. This can be another stumbling block for some friendships. Jealousy creeps in because of the happiness being experienced by another. A true friend wants you to be happy.

When the storms of life attack you, a true friend is there for you. They stand by you giving their support and encouragement. A true friend will listen and lend a shoulder to cry on. The difficult periods in your life are the best times to discover who your true friends really are. Your true friends will remain in your life and step up to see you through. A true friend will do anything and everything to help.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. A true friend understands what these are and doesn’t judge you for your faults and mistakes. A true friend loves and care about you regardless of these shortcomings. They will push and help you to become a better person. A true friend loves you for who you are.

A true friendship is something amazing. It lasts even when the communication is absent. A true friend is still your friend even if years pass between seeing each other. In these situations its like time never passed, you can pick right up from where you left off and there will be no hard feelings about the gap in communication or interaction. A true friend understands. A true friend just loves spending time with you. A true friendship flourishes with communication and interaction.

I encourage all of you to take the time to think about who your true friends are. Give them a hug, write them a note, thank them, just show them how much you appreciate their true friendship. Most importantly, I encourage all of you to be a true friend. Life is so much easier and amazing with true friends and by being a true friend.

A Few of My Favorite Things – #1

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Misc.

With the holidays upon us I thought it would be fun to give you a list of a few of my favorite things. Some of the items on this list are new things discovered recently, while others are old favorites. Hopefully this list will peak your curiosity and cause you to discover some of these things for yourself, or maybe help in finishing off your Christmas shopping.

1. One of the coolest, most practical and useful items I discovered this year was “Water Bobble”. This item is basically a water bottle but with an trendy design and a filter built into the nozzle. You can wash and reuse the water bottle portion of the Bobble, while only having to replace the filter/nozzle every 3 months. The filter/nozzle comes in a variety of colors allowing you to pick a color that suits your style and taste. The Bobbles also come in a variety of sizes too from a kids size all the way up to a 1 liter Bobble. You can check them out at: http://www.waterbobble.com

2. I must admit I’m an avid collector of t-shirts and one of the coolest t-shirt crews out there are my buddies at Le Grand Cru. These guys just recently got into the business and already have a loyal fan base as well as some great designs. These guys are not only dedicated to making cool t-shirts but are also dedicated to making a difference in their community and raising awareness for the arts. I strongly urge you to check them out at: http://www.legrandcru.us

3. Another one of my favorite “fashion” items is TOMS Shoes. For those of you unfamiliar with TOMS Shoes, these are affordable shoes made out of materials such as burlap and canvas. The awesome part about this company is their mission. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS Shoes donates a pair to a child in need. Not only are TOMS Shoes great to wear, but by purchasing a pair you will be helping a child who is less fortunate than yourself. TOMS Shoes can be found at: http://www.toms.com

4. I absolutely love music. I love everything from jazz to hip-hop to rock-n-roll. These next two items are oldies but goodies in my music library. The first is Miles Davis’ album “Kind of Blue”. This album is considered one of the greatest jazz albums of all-time. Miles Davis was a phenomenal trumpeter and his talents shine through in this amazing album. One of the interesting facts about this album: every song was produced in one take with no rehearsal done beforehand. You can find this album at most any store that sells music.

5. The second album is Tupac Shakur’s “All Eyez on Me”, in my opinion one of the best hip-hop albums ever. I’m a huge Tupac fan so I may be a bit biased, but I love this album. I can put this on at any time. This is an album that every hip-hop fan should have in their collection. Like “Kind of Blue”, you can find this album at most any store that sells music.

6. This next one isn’t an item but a place. Sushi is probably my favorite kind of food. I can eat it all the time. One of the best places that I’ve been for sushi is in San Diego at “Sushi Deli #2”. As the name suggests this is a chain of sushi restaurants. While I normally wouldn’t recommend a chain restaurant for sushi, this place is excellent. They have an amazing assortment of rolls and sashimi and best of all the prices are cheap. If you ever find yourself in San Diego and are craving sushi, you should check out “Sushi Deli #2”. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me there.

7. One of the great television shows on these days is a show called “Shark Tank”, which airs on ABC. I was recently introduced to this show through my brother and I’ve been hooked ever since. The show is about entrepreneurs/inventors that come onto the show to try and convince the “Sharks” to invest in their products, services, or ideas. The “Sharks” are wealthy investors who then have to determine whether or not to invest their own money after the presentations. Quite an interesting show and I highly recommend it. The next season of “Shark Tank” will be airing on ABC in the early part of 2011.

8. I am an avid movie buff. This fall I saw an excellent documentary called “Waiting for Superman” which takes a look at the United States’ education system, specifically K-12. I walked away having a better understanding of the poor state our education system is in. While I will admit there are many success stories, quite a few of the children in this nation are not receiving the education they deserve. I felt this documentary was fairly unbiased in it’s approach and did a good job of showing most sides of the issue as well as touching on plans that are being put into action to change the system. A great documentary for anyone to see. You can find out more information about the documentary or ways to get involved at: http://www.waitingforsuperman.com

9. The last items on my list are all books. As you can probably guess I enjoy reading. I try to read every night before I go to bed and have been a big fan of reading for as long as I can remember. The first book I’m recommending is Bill Simmons’ “The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy”. This book is a definite must read for anyone who enjoys sports, especially anyone interested in basketball and the NBA. Bill Simmons is a writer for ESPN and his style of writing is entertaining as well as informative. The size of the book is a bit daunting, but you will not regret reading it. You can find this book at Amazon.com.

10. The second book I’m recommending is Nicole Krauss’ “The History of Love”. This book is not about the history of love, but rather an interesting and heartwarming story based upon love. I found Nicole Krauss’ writing style to be very engaging and the way the book and story is written is somewhat unusual. It’s a very quick read and also highly recommend this book for anyone.

11. The third book on my list is written by one of the “Sharks” on “Shark Tank”, Daymond John, one of the founders of FUBU. His book, “The Brand Within”, discusses the importance of understanding branding, but not just in the business sense, the personal importance as well. This book is not just for business-minded individuals, but I believe for everyone. Your brand, the way you present and carry yourself, is very important. I strongly recommend this book as well.

12. The fourth book and final item on this list is written by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. “Delivering Happiness” is Tony’s description of the many ventures he found himself involved in leading up to Zappos, as well as the story of Zappos. The book is written in a down-to-earth manner and is quite easy to read. The biggest aspect of the book is discussing the importance that Zappos placed on customer service and how this focus has led to enormous success for the company. It also discusses Zappos “Core Values” and the importance of sticking with these values as a business. I found this book extremely interesting and a book that I will pick up again if I ever start my own business. I highly recommend this book.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this list of a few of my favorite things. I also hope you’ll take the time to check out a few of these things for yourself. If you do, I’d love to hear back from you. Happy Holidays everyone.

Fashion Tips for Men – #1

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Fashion

So I decided for this posting to address a few problems I’ve been noticing when it comes to men and their fashion sense. This posting is directed at everyone, but no one person in particular. If these tips are taken into consideration and implemented, I believe a man will find himself much further along in becoming stylish. Also, this list is in no way all-encompassing. Just a few tips.

Tip #1: Well-fitting clothes makes a HUGE difference. All too often I see my male counterparts wearing clothes that are baggy, loose, tight, too short or too long. I don’t care how much has been spent on the clothes in question, the quality, etc., if the clothes don’t fit properly it drastically affects the way you look. My tip: invest in clothes that fit properly and to take it a step further consider taking your clothes to a tailor to get them altered. Clothes that fit go a long way to improving the way you look. You will look more stylish, polished, presentable as well as enhance only the best of your physical qualities.

Tip #2: The length of your tie is important. A tie that is too short or too long just looks odd. A good tip for the length of your tie: the end (or tip) of your tie should be to at least the top of your belt buckle and no lower than the bottom of your belt buckle. Somewhere in the middle is ideal, but your belt buckle should be your target. Although, this whole concept is based upon the fact that your pants will be sitting on your waist and not somewhere close to your ankles or up around your neck.

Tip #3: Your accessories (a.k.a. your tie, socks, etc.) count. Before leaving the house, every man should make sure his tie, socks, etc., match and fit with the outfit. The basics: your tie should compliment your shirt, your socks should match your pants, a pocket square (which you should invest in) should never match your tie. There are so many ways to go with this. But the basic principle is to pay attention to your accessories. Just because black socks are usually considered dressy does not mean you can wear them with your navy pants, and so on and so forth. Once you become a little more fashionable and stylish you can find ways to play with color, patterns and textures that still fit with your outfit without necessarily following the basic guidelines.

Tip #4: The style of your pants matters. Now this tip isn’t precise in any way, but there are some basic principles a man should usually follow when selecting the style of his pants. The basics: pleats and cuffs usually look the best on heavier men, while flat-fronts and no cuffs look the best on average to slim men. Cuffs are one of those areas you can go back and forth with, but when it comes to pleats vs. flat-front pants I’d suggest staying within these basic principles.

Tip #5: Pay extremely close attention to your belt and shoes. Very important rule: your belt should match your shoes. In other words, a black belt goes with black shoes and a brown belt goes with brown shoes. Never disobey this rule. I can not count the numerous times I’ve seen men wearing mismatching belt and shoe combinations. Believe me it is noticed. My advice is to invest in a black belt, black shoes, brown belt and brown shoes.

Tip #6: Shoes can make or break you. While many men consider shoes to be unimportant, as long as you have on dress or casual shoes in the right colors, your shoes are very important. Most women pay close attention to men’s shoes. Which, I’m guessing, most men would consider important. And it’s not just women who notice shoes. Now I will admit, I own a lot of shoes, but I am in no way suggesting that a man should have a lot of shoes. What I am saying is that men should put more thought into the purchase of their shoes. Advice: take a woman with you the next time you go shoe shopping. Most likely she will have a good eye for what will look good on you and what is a fashionable, stylish shoe.

Tip #7: Explore the color palette. I understand that certain colors look great, but you don’t need to wear those colors all the time. There is nothing wrong with wearing colors such as pink and purple. Of course, you should always be aware of your skin tone, hair color and eye color and choose colors that look good on you. But there should be no reason not to introduce colors of different varieties into your wardrobe. People will think you have a condition, or just don’t care about the way you look, if you are always wearing the same colors. Advice: introduce colors such as red, orange, purple, pink, and yellow into your wardrobe for some variety. Believe me, it will be noticed and in a good way.

Tip #8: Never button the bottom button on your suit jackets. There isn’t much more to say on this one. It’s simple. Tip: for two-button suits, the bottom button is always unbuttoned and the top button is buttoned. For three-button suits, the bottom button is always unbuttoned, the middle button is buttoned and the top button can either be buttoned or unbuttoned. When sitting down, you should unbutton your jacket completely.

Tip #9: Always wear an undershirt when wearing a dress shirt and tie. An undershirt will keep your dress shirt fresher and cleaner. Plus, an undershirt will help keep certain body parts hidden. Advice: if the collar on your dress shirt doesn’t quite fit or you like to keep in unbuttoned I’d suggest going with a v-neck undershirt.

Tip #10: Take care of your clothes and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be fashionable and stylish. You can make your clothes last so much longer by taking care of your clothes. You don’t need to wash every single item of clothing after every wearing. If it smells or is dirty then by all means wash it. When you remove your clothing, hang your ties, jackets, dress shirts, etc., rather than throwing them down. Keep your shoes clean and organized. By just taking care of your clothes in the proper manner you can make them last longer while also saving money that would otherwise be spent replacing clothing that could have been saved. Finally, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be fashionable and stylish. There are certain items you are better off spending a bit more money, but otherwise be wise about how you spend your money. Make sure your money is being spent towards items that fit, look good on you and will last based upon the amount of money.

So there you have it. A few tips to get you started on the road towards being a fashionable and stylish man. While I will always admit that looks are not everything and only go so far, the reality is that looks are important. You should always pay attention to the way you look and the way you are presenting yourself to the world.

Niehaus and “The Kid”

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Sports

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are definitely a passion of mine. Following sports, baseball and the Mariners has shaped me into the man I am today. I have spent countless hours listening to games on the radio, watching games on TV, attending games and various other ways to be “involved” as a fan. Quite a few people think that being this involved as a fan and interested in sports is stupid and a waste of time, but I would not have it any other way. I think a person can learn a lot about themselves, others and life by being involved in sports in some way.

Growing up in the Northwest as a Mariners fan was not always the easiest. In fact during the 14 years that my family lived in the Northwest, the Mariners never made it to the playoffs and only had a winning record a couple of times. It was not until after my family moved to the Denver area that the Mariners finally made the playoffs for the first time. Nevertheless, regardless of how the Mariners have performed I have remained one of their biggest fans. One of my birthday wishes every year was to go to a game on my birthday and I spent many birthdays cheering on my Mariners in the Kingdome.

I would also have to say that my passion for the Mariners is one of the biggest reasons my dad and I are so close. My dad is also a big Mariners fan and his passion for sports and the Mariners definitely rubbed off on me. There were many a summer afternoon listening to Mariners games together or playing catch out in the yard, with me pretending I was my favorite Mariners.

This past season was one of the hardest to be a Mariners fan. While their record was not their worst ever, the expectations coming into the season made their final record seem worse than it really was. However, the real reason I am writing this is to talk about two events that really stood out for me.

The first event took place on June 2, 2010 with the retiring of Ken Griffey Jr., one of the greatest Mariners and baseball players ever. Junior or “The Kid” as Dave Niehaus called him, has been by far my favorite athlete. His rookie season in 1989 lined up perfectly with my fanhood. In 1989, I was 9 years old and was at the age that I could understand everything that was happening without the help of my dad. I followed everything Junior did religiously. He played centerfield, so I played centerfield. He loved Runts candy, so I loved Runts candy. He wore his hat backwards, so I wore my hat backwards, and so on. I also owned everything I could get my hands on that had to do with Junior and the Mariners: baseball cards, hats, posters, gloves, jerseys and much, much more.

There were many moments in Junior’s career that stood out for me, most of those high with few low mixed in as well. When he hit his first homerun, I was excited. When he hit back-to-back homeruns with his dad, I was amazed. When he tied the all-time record for consecutive games with a homerun, my dad got us tickets to the next game to see him set the record. (It did not happen.) When he crashed into the wall making an amazing catch and broke his wrist in 1995, I was so frustrated and angry that I broke our family’s TV remote when I threw it at the wall. Later when Junior came flying around third base and crossed home plate to help the Mariners win the 1995 Divisional Championship against the New York Yankees in a thrilling game and series, I was delirious with happiness. Seeing Junior, with the biggest smile on his face, at the bottom of the pile after his teammates mobbed him, is an image that is etched into my memory and brings a smile to my face to think about. When Junior was traded away to the Cincinnati Reds, I was devastated. When Junior’s career started to become derailed due to injuries, I was sympathetic and felt so bad for him. When Junior returned to the Mariners to finish out his career I was happy to see him back yet sad because I knew Junior was returning to the Mariners a shell of his former self.

I have never followed another athlete as much as I have Junior. His retirement mid-season was somewhat unexpected because of the timing but not a surprise because of his and the Mariners performance. It was a sad day when Junior retired, for it signaled the end of part of my childhood. One of the biggest links to my childhood and the fond memories I had formed was gone from the game. Junior will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer when his time comes. He had one amazing career and would have been considered one of the best players of all-time if not for the many injuries. His career will probably go down as one of the biggest what-ifs. What if he had stayed in Seattle his whole career? What if he had stayed healthy? Regardless, his career was one of the best of all-time and I am so glad I was able to see all of it.

The second event was the death of Dave Niehaus, the voice of the Mariners, on November 10, 2010 at the age of 75. While I was sad when Junior retired, I was heartbroken when I heard Dave Niehaus had passed away.

Dave Niehaus was the voice of the Mariners since their entrance into the league in 1977. Since that time, he announced over 5,000 games, and his talents made each game a gem to hear. His hard work, talents, skills, and passion for the game, and the Mariners, was finally rewarded with his induction into the Hall of Fame and his reception of the Ford C. Frick Award in 2008. Dave had a remarkable way of describing everything he was seeing to those of us listening on the radio. He painted a picture that was so vivid and real that I could almost picture every single pitch, every at-bat, and every play. His voice was soothing, yet carried with it a passion that made every game seem as if it were a playoff game. With Dave announcing a game, you always felt like the Mariners had a chance to win. I absolutely loved listening to Dave call Mariners games. I probably listened to well over a thousand games called by Dave and each one was a joy.

It was hard when my family moved away from the Northwest, not just because I would not be able to see my Mariners play, but also because I knew I would not be able to hear Dave’s voice on the radio. Later, I was thrilled when I discovered I could pick up the Mariners’ broadcast on the Internet. I then sat around our family’s computer just listening to games each summer. When I moved back to the Northwest for college I was excited knowing I would be able to tune in to Dave’s call of the Mariners’ games once again. Even moving to California I continued to listen to Dave.

Every single time we would tune into Dave it was like inviting Dave into our home, our car, or wherever we were tuning in. He essentially became a part of our family, like a grandfather sitting with us describing the game. I never met Dave, but when Dave passed away, it was almost like losing a family member. The day that he died, I listened to some of his biggest calls and I choked up each time and actually shed a few tears.

Moving forward as a Mariners fan will be difficult to say the least. Not only will Junior not be playing baseball, but the voice, and probably one of the most influential people associated with the Mariners, Dave Niehaus, will be gone as well. Things just will not be the same. I just wish that Junior and Dave could have been a part of, or at least witnessed the Mariners winning the World Series.

One day, the Mariners will win the World Series. When that day comes, I will think back on all the amazing individuals that have been a part of Mariners baseball, especially Junior and Dave.